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a 14-fold difference in salt ▓content within the sliced meat categ▓ory and a 100-fold difference within the frozen p▓otato product category.Sauces and spreads,


at 1,283 mg per 100 g, and processed meats, at 846 mg per 100 g, were the cate▓gories with the highest average sodium content.LOS ANGELE 鈥揗ovie flops aren't just about losing money. Yes, big budgets that go bust are one consideration▓. But flops are also about lofty expectations das▓hed a

nd high profiles brought low. They trigger embarrassing▓ catcalls from the peanut gallery

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and a general whoever-t▓hought-that-was-a-good-idea-in-the-first-place bewi▓lderment.Any judgments of flopitude are necessarily subjective, but here are 10 mov


ies from the pas▓t decade that made those few moviegoers who saw them cringe. Disagree? Talk among yourselves.10. THE SPIRIT* Release date: Decembe▓r 25, 2008* Estimated cost: $60 million* Domestic gross: $19.8 millionFrank Miller, the man who created the comics "300" and "Sin City,"▓ and who redefined Batman and Daredevil for the modern age, directed this adaptation of Will Eisner's comic-strip hero. Starring Samuel L. Jackson and a bevy of beauties, it may have looked good on the page. But onscreen, the heavily stylized, nearly black-and-white results were disastrous. The expensive m▓ovie was killed by comic fans, who w▓ant

ed Miller to go back to comics, and critics, who tra▓shed the movie's over-the-top tones and aesthe▓tics. Consequently, the partners at t▓he company behind the production, Odd Lot Entertainment, parted ways after 23 years together. It even killed plans for a Miller-directed version of "Buck Rogers."9. GRINDHOUSE* Release date: April ▓6, 2007* Estimated cost: $67 million* Domestic gross: $25 m▓illionQuentin Tarantino and Robert Rodrig▓uez managed to turn twice the filmmaking fire▓power into half the box office (and a third of the critical praise). With "

Grindhouse," what began as an explicit exercise in joyous B-movie cinema ▓homage -- a d

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ouble bill of '70s-style▓ schlock, one film from each director -- ended up api▓ng its scuzzy genre ancestors a little too closely in the receipts department. After the three-hour-plus "Grindhouse" opened to a mere $11▓.6 million, Harvey Weinstein split the film's two parts -- ▓"Death Proof" and "Planet Terror" -- and ?/p>


坰huttled them to international markets individually. While that rec

ouped a little of the Weinstein Co.'s money, it incurred the

wrath of purists who were angry that th

e original film had been corrupted. Tarantin▓o and Weinstein are famously loyal t▓o each other, and while the writer-director eventually made good on the losses with the $120 million-grossing "Inglourious Basterds" this year, "Grindh▓ouse" was one instance where lo

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